Saturday, May 29, 2010

Those Pesky Millennials and Their Whiny Demands

This topic seems to have struck a powerful chord for many of you. I recently had an article I'd written published in the HiringSmart newsletter and I've been receiving much heartfelt feedback ever since.

Seems I'm not alone in recognizing that the supposed "unreasonable demands" of Millennials and Gen Y are simply good management practices that ANY generation can benefit from. We just haven't all asked for them and then resigned when we didn't get our demands met. Instead, generations like mine (tail-end Boomer) took the far more mature approach (??) and stayed in our jobs while having horribly low levels of engagement or simply "retired on the job".

Here's feedback from Dorothy Russel, Principal of Essential Futures...When I first began to hear about the Gen-Y ‘issues’ my first thought was, “they’re just demanding good management practices. And they’re willing to vote with their feet if they don’t get the respect and attention they deserve. If organizations did what Gen-Y’s crave they’d be much better places for everyone to work.” I also think they’d be more effective, productive, and profitable. And not just on-boarding practices, but all practices that involve people.

Thank you for a clear, punchy article.

Thank you, Dorothy!

Time to start listening to what this generation has to say.

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